Protecting your car through waxing and routine gentle wash

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Your car is definitely the most important and valuable asset. Having a car makes one feel great and especially if you have the best model. Today, having a car is a necessity in fact, to many; it fits as a need since it improves their lifestyle. Car owners must therefore be ready to take care of their vehicles if indeed they are looking forward to the car serving its purpose.

Why wax and wash your car?

A car is exposed to many damaging factors most of which are natural and one cannot resist. Too much exposure from direct sunlight makes the paint on the car fade away. In fact, depending on the car parking position, the car gets spots of the fading paint. Salty environs and droppings from birds are equally good at wearing out the car paint, not forgetting the snow during winter and the constant rains. Surprisingly, even careless car washing is also destructive to the car’s paint. Proper maintenance and protection must be the key points however, washing and waxing are ways that are good at that. The body of your car could be good but the painting makes it look much more incredible. A car’s value is first measured by the maintenance of its external parts. You can choose to hand wax your vehicle but its better enough to seek the services of professional companies to do it. The merits of washing and waxing your car include:

  • It promotes the car’s resale value. Once you properly maintain your car, it makes it remain relevant and marketable. It will definitely attract customers making it easier for you once you are done with it.
  • Dirt accumulation leads to mechanical breakdown but once you take the initiative of gently washing and waxing your car, you reduce the chances of wearing out.
  • Your car’s paint will last longer when you apply wax at least three to four times a year.
  • It feels great and comfortable being in a well maintained car.

Waxing is the process of adding an extra layer of wax that protects the paint of the car. If you prefer to hand wax your car at the comfort of your home, this is what you need to know and go about it.

  • First you should pick the right wax for you having in mind the method you will use to apply and remove it when need arises.
  • Have the right tools to carry out the process, which includes a bucket, auto wax, an applicator pad and towel, water, and wash mitt.
  • Move your car to a cool place or a shade to enable uniformity during the drying process.
  • Wash the car thoroughly to scrap off any dirt and rinse it out not committing any area then dry the car by wiping using a towel.
  • Using an applicator, apply the wax vertically or horizontally but lightly since a heavy coat can easily mess up the process.
  • Using a towel buff the wax out but carefully to prevent messing up.

Professional auto body repairers

Sometimes, the process of washing and waxing your car could be tedious and especially if you have no experience in it. The services of professional auto body repairing companies are better in offering the best. Why are these companies worth?

  • They have experts who carry out the waxing and cleaning process to your car so one has the guarantee of perfection. Experts have the skills and knowledge on the best product to use on your car the reason they will select the best way to work on your car.
  • They make it easy for you since the process can take your time and energy when you decide to do it on your own.
  • The experts are able to detect other dents and damages beyond what a car owner may know about. This allows your car to get proper and speedy attention.

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